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  1. I've been working on a STCOP version of 1.5r7 x64 for a while on and off. The errors I believe are from the actor and monster meshes. I have replaced all actor and monster models with the models from 1.4.22. I did this more than a year ago and have just now got back to it. If IRC it was a dependency CTD. I also have NPCs launching grenades without any issues.
  2. See my reply to hothead. Change the defines.ltx file. It's a page or so back.
  3. Is this different than the previous upload? If so what? The missing textures for the compilation, are in Anomaly texture folders act, for the rat corpse, lfo and deta for others like Marsh CSKY base. IIRC. Unless you have already fixed. It's been a while since I added the textures. It was your first port I think.
  4. Change defines.ltx Section: [default_weapon_params]: identity_immunities Add these lines: use1_action_functor = dxr_scopes.context_action_functor use1_functor = dxr_scopes.context_functor edit: if using dxr_sights.script, change to dxr_sights.context for above lines