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  1. I myself am anxiously awaiting this release. SGM is my favorate Call of Pripyat mods.
  2. "64 square kilometers" !!?!?!?!? That would be 20 times bigger than CoC I hope you folks understand that that is very BIG!!! I hope he was correct on that and not exaggerating.
  3. Thanks for replying. I will patiently wait
  4. You people here need to understand that this is all a business. They are a studio that needs to make a profit. It's all about money. To get their profits they will have to aim for a particular audience. A console fan that wants a fast paced, intense game. Not a very slow paced, too open world where there is too much atmosphere. They will not appeal to a hardcore demographic. Again, it's a business to make money. I just hope that there's a middle ground here that can work for all of us. Hopefully they will provide modders with all the tools they need for full customization. Provide us will all materials used and unused. Even share us with different build of maps that did not make the cut. Anything to throw in that would help improve the mod community...........because that is what made this game popular today!!
  5. How is progress coming along? Is there still a possibility to have this for Anomaly?
  6. Trailer looks great!!! Can this be applied to Anomaly? What I truly wish is that weather designers would increase the dawn and dusk time by one hour and then reduce an hour from days and nights. Dawn and Dusk are the best atmosphere in my opinion.
  7. If this gets released before the semiconductor chip shortage ever picks up, it will most certainly affect game sales on the PC end.
  8. Thanks for the latest news. Can not wait for Stalker2 Old Concept.
  9. It is not Xray ....... it is a console game engine designed for quick money
  10. Yes, ive heard. this is of course great news! Still, I wished the new stalker was built off the xray though.
  11. Would have loved to see this engine (and even better updated) for Stalker 2 today, than a console engine like UE4 = ( XRAY FOREVER!!! Added 0 minutes later
  12. Anything from the Dezowave Team is gonna be great! Looking forward to this with great excitement
  13. Thanks for the news. Glad to see more footage of True Stalker.
  14. Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to this. This may rank up there at the top 3