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Moustapha_Matushka стал победителем дня 14 июня 2022

Moustapha_Matushka имел наиболее популярный контент!

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  1. Everyone one of us has something to complain about it and yet.....WE WILL ALL STILL BUY IT😃
  2. I hope they give us the option to drop that compass bar to the bottom. It is very distracting up top.
  3. I am not gonna criticize on this like others do. I wish your team lots of luck and hope to play it one day😃
  4. This is the best looking winter mod I have seen so far. Hope to see it in English translation one day.
  5. They are aiming more for increased sales I would believe. It's also a more universal language. I'm from the US and I personally prefer anything that's made in country of origin to be in its native language. I hope we will be given language options with subtitles. I hate anime in english 🙃
  6. Am very curious to try this. Still wished it was on some newer version of Xray. Hope it does not suffer from 'consolitis'.
  7. Lets hope its not a full minute pan shot of a loaf of bread on a table next to an AK-47. Seriously though, I don't want a second of flashy cinematic scenes either.
  8. This is an amazing mod. However, I was never able to complete this due to the memory issues that develops, the farther you get into the mod.
  9. Sad about the delayed release. This could mean next month or next Christmas. 😪
  10. This is an insanely gorgeous level re-design. Thanks for the video. Hope to see a US translation of this.
  11. The snow will be falling soon here in northern New Jersey. Upstate New York will be hit hard by the snow. Would be a perfect time for me to be playing this while warm indoors 🥶 😋
  12. Truly a work of art mod. I hope to see an English translated version of this upon release. Superb job to the team!
  13. Congrats from here in New Jersey to ApPro. Hope this site and Stalker mods will stay strong for another 30 years
  14. Hold on.....I thought SGM 3.0 was dropped. Did they decide to continue to work on it??? If true, I hope so!