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  1. This release I believe will feel like a fourth part to the series. This will be the standout mod of them all.
  2. I wish they would provide a few screenshots a month while we wait. It would not hurt to post a few every now and then. I understand it won't make much of a difference for the development of the mod but, would be nice since it has been delayed.
  3. Farmer protest, energy shortage, food crises........forget these, if the delay of True Stalker goes on any further, there will be civil unrest and riots.....believe me!
  4. I know i'm trying to be patient here........and it is hard!
  5. I am very pleased to read of the exclusion of DRM and no internet requirement. Quite surprised actually! Because of this, I am now very excited for the release. This may be a day one buy for me. Thank you for not locking us into the internet just to play. Also......I am very happy that we are getting physical copies. Thanks for this!
  6. Sad to read this. Hopefully something can get resolved and this can one day be released.
  7. Hmmmm. Very disappointing to say the least. What we need is in game action. Show fighting, show the inventory, show the PDA map..........
  8. I have to say that this is kind of silly. We need to put conflicts and prejudice aside......it is only a game. This is bad american mentality in my opinion.
  9. I hope that one day they will come back to resume on this project. I was very much looking forward to this. Hope all is alright by the team.
  10. I'm sure the extra wait will be worth it. I am being patient in New Jersey
  11. Thanks for the updated news. Wished Alone in Windstorm was translated
  12. Looks great! I wonder if it would work with this mod https://www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-cs-last-fallout-overhaul-combo-mod
  13. I hope that once they resume on completing this game, that they will put aside any prejudice to any nation whatsoever and not apply any dislike that would alter their game. Already taking game sales away from "their disliked" fans from any nation truly expresses ones hate, even if those exact people opposed to any of the conflict that is going on. This sort of dislike is rampant here in the United States and it is sad to see people conditioned to think this way, even if it is our presidents throwing mud at each other. Game studios or any games should not be put into the same context. Taking game sales away only effects the loss of sales and greatly hurts many of the fans. Political sanctions only hurt the poor with commodity losses and high prices...........and game designers are not sanctioners. Good luck on your studios and hopefully we ALL will get to play this masterpiece game one day.
  14. Хелло май диар френд фром антхер сайд оф аур планет.