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Весь контент Moustapha_Matushka

  1. Thanks for the recent news update. I hope for that Shadow Of Chernobyl 2.0 to really come to life. This may be the best MOD if it is done right.
  2. That's why we all have the option to use Chrome translate. Without Chrome translate, I would not be able to register to APpro and be part of its great community. I'm very happy to see more Russians frequently use Moddb recently. We all have a great Stalker community together it seems
  3. The big question for me is...is OL 3.0 English translated?
  4. I always enjoy watching these....even though I will never get to play them all =(
  5. I can distinguish the difference in the dialect to those trailers. Just like I can hear the difference in dialect from Macedonia to Bulgaria and Serbia. I sadly have no choice but to accept their voice acting, but I still strongly disagree with GSC not recognizing and respecting where their Stalker 2 originated from. For GSC failing to remember where the games root lies and not pay homage to its original trilogy is a slap in the face to its native language. Let us all not forget that the Stalker series was loosely based off of Boris Strugatskys Roadside Picnic Russian novel, that also influenced Andrei Tarkovsky Russian film Stalker. Which not for his novel, GSC would not be profiting off their new Xbox Stalker. Even here in the US when I mention the Stalker series to gamers, their response would be "oh, that Russian game". Not the most popular game here, but many do know where it originated. I did some research and found many other games that have multiple languages. Games like Star Wars Old Republic, Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, Bioshock Infinite.....All have at least 3-4 different audio languages. They obviously care to reach a broader audience. Sadly, GSC do not obviously care. Just like they did not care who inspired their game and how the success of the Trilogy got them to were they can cash in on their sequel. They even went as far as to shove in the faces to all their viewers on their trailers by simply showing "Made In Ukraine". That is almost like saying "Not Made In Russia, Idiots". Why won't they say "Sequel from the Russian Trilogy, Stalker"? I enjoy Anime, but i'll be damned to watch them in English....FUCK NO! Its a sad state of affairs we live in. Tomorrow i'll be watching Dreamhack Summer 2024 in Jönköping, Sweden streaming. They will be showing a Street Fighter 6 tournament event of offline players. Players from around the globe will participate to compete. China, Japan, Taiwan, Dominican Republic, Canada, Norway, Saudi.....No prejudice here. August will be Esports World Cup at Riyadh, Saudi and everyone will be there. No hate or prejudice. All the gamers representing all countries will compete and respect each other during the competition. GSC promoting their game with a "Made In Ukraine" on every trailer is tacky in my opinion. Who cares! Very unprofessional of them while other games push and promote competitive world gaming and to unite fans and to gain online viewers. While others are wiling to add more audio Languages. The only way for them to absolve this is to show to the world that they understand who influenced their game and where it originated from and share with us, respectfully, the original Russian language. Only then will they clear this bad stigma they choose to carry. Again, there should be no reason to exclude your countries language. Now my question, why won't the game be sold in Russia? Is it Russia denying them or them to you? I don't know about this. *edit* Understand these folks. They are steeling this franchise and are profiting from its success. They are stripping it from its origins and insulting the world of gaming with it. They should not even call this Stalker if they can't acknowledge its origins. The success of its reputation is from its fans and the modding community. Its you people here (and ModDb) that kept it alive and going......And we all love it, from where it came from.
  6. I thought I read elsewhere that there will be full Russian voice acting for this but would have to be downloaded later? I'm not sure if this is true. I am so used to the Russian language in the Stalker series and have been greatly accustomed to it. Any other voice acting would feel out of place.....i'm native Macedonian by the way. I am very upset that they are making this difficult to be released in the games original language. There is absolutely no reason to exclude the games native language based on politics or conflict. This should have no bearing on a video game. Capcom/Japan could have excluded 'Zangief', in Street Fighter 6 as one of their roster characters but would of course keep him in as well as the Russian stage. I have total respect for them keeping it in.
  7. Any particular characters that we will not like will easily be changed through modding. Would not worry about any out of place characters. My only concern will be removing cut scenes without affecting the story.
  8. He's just an illegal from the mass exodus out of Africa into Ukraine. Modders will fix this.
  9. The enemies AI in combat are pretty stupid. It's perfect for the mainstream, console fan.
  10. And it just has to be shown at an Xbox event.....poor Xbox fans will soon learn how we PC fans feel *Edit* If this is shown and played to spectators, I will expect at least 20 minutes of footage.
  11. I'm about two hours in Summer Game Fest and looks like no Stalker 2. GSC is really dropping the ball on missing this moment to show their game to the masses. They are four months from release and have really screwed themselves for this opportune moment. I know what happened, they read our comments on that bad cat video =)
  12. There is tons to show. We all know the lore and environment to this game. So there is no reason not to show us more. Diablo IV, before release had hours of gameplay footage all over.....and this is Blizzard. The only reason I can imagine them not showing us more is that they may miss the deadline again, pushing back the release date further due to complications. They have doubts on their product.
  13. It's a shame that we have to resort to concept arts to a board game in anticipation for Stalker 2 to be released in another 4 months. Why are they so afraid to show us a good 5 minute video of in game action!? Very sad.
  14. Thanks for the update Skilldex. Screenshots looks great! Looking forward to its release.