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  1. It's cool what this person is doing. I would certainly give it a try if it ever comes out, but it's not Xray though. It would be hard to beat an old engine that we all love. Despite its minor problems. Anyways, good luck on this project!
  2. I prefer the gun positioning in the 2nd picture. Looks more of a realistic angle.
  3. Their mod was posted even on MODDB. Im pretty sure it will be translated
  4. I am sure we all will in AP-Pro, MODDb and the GSC game forums. It is the Xray engine and all 3 series that made all this possible and im sure it will still go strong even after Stalker 2 is released.
  5. It would be to us hardcore fans. I have seen this before. When a PC game gets popular and has new series and then starts going to consoles, the game then starts to feel like a console game. Its smarter for GSC because it is more money for them. It is smarter business. They will sell on both Xbox and PC platform very well. I believe more on Xbox. However, the hardcore fans are just a very small fraction in those sales. They will go where the money is. It is just smarter business. Us hardcore fans may end up going back to Xray mods. I hope I am wrong though.
  6. I just hope that this was not made for Xbox first and then ported over to PC ........if you know what I mean.
  7. For me personally I can wait. Not a problem. We still have some amazing mods to play when they come out.
  8. I am glad that we got some news about its status. I am more excited for this than Stalker 2
  9. Those night shots look really nice. I am glad this is getting a proper translation. More people can enjoy it
  10. Congrats on your new updated website. Looks nice. Im from New Jersey US, so if I can only figure out how to get my avatar backup