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  1. I will be very positive on this here. I like that they are sticking with the original low poly models to retain the old look on this new engine. This is a very smart approach. I wish this team a lot of luck. I will keep my fingers crossed. Looking forward to new updates of progress.
  2. I don't like this review because I can't play it
  3. What sucks for me is that as a hardcore fan, my concern is Stalker2 is also coming out for Xbox ....... hope we don't get a dumbed down port.
  4. Im glad they are keeping the older low poly world as the original. They should try to keep it as much to the original Xray as possible and not go to extreme with UE4 with those shiny surfaces. Keep everything original as possible and increase foliage and grass density. Make the world more full and alive with even better performance. Use UE4 for better performance and to make the world fuller. Not to make it look better with UE4 Keep the stalker xray look into the UE4. Not the UE4 into stalker world.
  5. Some of the older shots looks better and some of the new shots looks better. Either way can not wait to play.
  6. All great news here. Too bad most of the mods here can't be played by us westerners =(
  7. I had downloaded the mod because I was told that it had English translation. I installed in English but the game was still in native Russian. Can anyone help me?
  8. I really hope that there will be an option to disable clip loading. There is no way will I play this if I have to load clips like in the video. NO WAY!!
  9. I'm glad that this includes the english translation. Wonderful job on these guys !!! Looking forward to trying this out. Are there more photos or videos on this?