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  1. Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to this. This may rank up there at the top 3
  2. Personally I would prefer them to delay. GPU chips are still slow in production and no 'good' cards are still being made =( I need to update.
  3. Thanks for the updated news. Wish to hear on Phantom Zone or more SGM3 =( Wonder why the delay on True Stalker?
  4. A graphically intensive game may be hurt on sales due to lack of hardware to make its performance. Lack of Xbox and lack of desktop GPUs......not a good thing.
  5. It is sad to see that this was dropped unfinished. It's been worked on for a very long time too. This has tons of weapons as well.
  6. This would be great in Anomaly !! I would love to see this. Artifacts of this quantity would be nice in a mod with many maps. It would get many more downloads, that is for sure. And an English translation would be nice too
  7. A lot of great news here. Finally there is a mod that has given some love to the Darkscape map. Looks great too. Wish I can understand what mod it was =( Really looking forward to True Stalker. Thanks for the latest news guys.
  8. I hope the next picture will be a big, juicy sausage.........I MEAN REALLY BIG.......AND REALLY HARD, so that I can use it for melee and hit my enemies over their heads. I wanna see every bit of detail on it
  9. I hope the weapons will have the option for 2D or 3D scopes. Personally, I hate 3D scopes.