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  1. I'm more excited about this than Stalker2 Thanks for the screenshot!
  2. Gendel, we gotta be patient with this mod. I would not be upset if I were you.....because you are going to play this once it is released and then you will be commenting on it and not look good.
  3. Actually, my thinking now is that they are aiming for the 'console' audience. Trying to target and lure the Cyberpunk fans into the Stalker world
  4. It sounds terrible in my opinion. It is not atmospheric like in the first stalker. Anything with some percussion sounds off for this game. We need ambient music. Now......where is the 10 minute game play that we all want to see??? This is getting rather silly. So many games that are slated to come out later are already showing all sorts of game play footage. We know what the stalker world looks like. We've played 3 of their games already. So there is no need to keep it under tight vault.......silly.
  5. People please, no requests. The sooner they get this out, the better. They can always add updates down the road with patches.
  6. Some look too alien in my opinion. A creature that flies does not fit into the stalker world. I like to think of animals that have been deformed by the radiation. Maybe an aggressive mutated bear? More varying types of mutated humans?
  7. I know i'm trying to be patient here........and it is hard!
  8. I am very pleased to read of the exclusion of DRM and no internet requirement. Quite surprised actually! Because of this, I am now very excited for the release. This may be a day one buy for me. Thank you for not locking us into the internet just to play. Also......I am very happy that we are getting physical copies. Thanks for this!
  9. Sad to read this. Hopefully something can get resolved and this can one day be released.
  10. Hmmmm. Very disappointing to say the least. What we need is in game action. Show fighting, show the inventory, show the PDA map..........
  11. I have to say that this is kind of silly. We need to put conflicts and prejudice aside......it is only a game. This is bad american mentality in my opinion.
  12. I hope that one day they will come back to resume on this project. I was very much looking forward to this. Hope all is alright by the team.
  13. I'm sure the extra wait will be worth it. I am being patient in New Jersey ?