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  1. This is my honest opinion. Due to the chip shortage we are facing and lack of Xbox sales would have affected the sale of this game. This is one of the reasons for postponement I honestly believe. Could you imagine the lack of sales and the potential outcry of die hard fans that would have purchased Stalker2 and complain about its console game play mechanics? All that in combination would have buried its sales. Think about it. This will also provide them with some time to polish.
  2. I can try. I'm not too good with this stuff. Link me to the files.
  3. If I can ask one question......how is True Stalker going to compare in size to CoC? Дополнено 1 минуту спустя I hope this will not turn out to be true.
  4. I'll take machine translation than no translation. Hopefully us westerners will get to try this.
  5. I really do not understand the gaming industry today. They are so out of control. DRM, DLC, STEAM , NFT....ALL IS STUPID! I miss the days of walking into a store, purchase a physical copy and installing without any internet connection. If there is a patch, you download later and install yourself. NOT STEAM INSTALLING IT FOR YOU!
  6. I am very pleased that this is making it's way to Anomaly. I just hope that we can also get an English translation.
  7. Damn! They just updated their Moddb site. They better get this out before Stalker2 gets released if they want to get some decent downloads. Welp.....gotta be patient
  8. Thank You for the compiled video. I just hope the game play is better than it looks. I gotta admit, it does look very nice! Now our main concern should be......will we get the affordable hardware in time to play this? If hardware prices don't go down, I can not buy this.
  9. Patience people. The long wait will be well worth it. This will be a mod unlike any other mod out there. This will feel like a whole new game i'm sure
  10. Amazing work!!! I am amazed at how far modders has come to building this game up to what it is today. It's because of you guys is what keeps us fans playing. Looking forward to this release.