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  1. Ah, ok. Thanks. Hopefully that will get made soon. I know Gunslinger is not an easy project.
  2. I personally like the contrast in these shots. Im looking more forward to than Stalker2 imo
  3. Is there an FN2000 in this? What is the Assault Rifle list for current Gunslinger?
  4. I still say I hope for a physical copy purchase and offline play. I don't want to play single player/story mode online like some games today.....
  5. I really wished the toggle run and walk was still in. Sucks not having that option. Weapons degrade too fast in my opinion. Scope 'eyecups' are too thick and big in my opinion. Wished they were smaller or have another scope with smaller eye cups.
  6. I believe this is the standalone https://www.moddb.com/mods/nzk-mod-30-anomaly-150-rc19dead-air-revolutionnzkmod30-mod/downloads/nzk-mod-30
  7. Any news on the status of this one? I hope i'm not the only one waiting on this
  8. That is a superb trailer. What a way to promote this mod. Now I wish it was translated =(
  9. I just came back to say that my expectations of this is not high at all. I am eager to play it because it is stalker but I know it will not give us that same feeling of the old xray engine stalker. The only thing that may save this are the mods. At least the Xbox fans are happy <=========and that sucks!
  10. I really hope that this will be offline single player. Otherwise I will not waste my time = ( Also to be purchased in a store, not a digital download. I want to physically own it.
  11. Personally I am very excited about this. Xray 2.0 ......... I think its great! Im more excited than this over UE4 in my honest opinion. At least this will feel like a new stalker than a whole new stalker on a new engine. Let's all wait and see how this turns out before we even criticize it. A very big good luck to them!!
  12. Take your time. Im sure in the end it will be worth the wait for all of us
  13. That Trailer will always be a classic! I remember seeing that trailer and being so excited for this game. It never gets old.