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  1. WOW! That first screenshot is amazing. jdud, what yo have contributed to Anomaly and Anomaly Custom is great. Brought so much visuals that I thought I would never see on this engine.
  2. @ Pr1koluS and Gary_Sanderson , try experimenting with removing certain unwanted add-ons. This will certainly help with performance and load times. It has with me. I'm down to 260 add-ons without much compromise on the visuals and performs decent on my end. You will have to start a new game when removing a lot. Need to experiment. I'm on a 6700k with a 3060Ti on an M.2 Win7 playing @ 1080 @Maxon 45 I have experienced this too. Try to put away your detector and pull it out again and see what happens. Also try to walk far away til it's out of your hud map range and walk back again then pull out your detector. Sometimes even leaving the level and going back again has helped. @Skilldex , I'm trying to remove the PP-19 Vityaz Virilized add-on but keeps resulting in this crash. Is there any other add-on linked to this? Any help would be appreciated. FATAL ERROR [error]Expression : <no expression> [error]Function : CInifile::r_section [error]File : C:\anomaly_src\xray-monolith\src\xrCore\Xr_ini.cpp [error]Line : 1101 [error] Description : fatal error [error]Arguments : Can't open section 'up_gr_firstab_vityaz'. Please attach [*.ini_log] file to your bug report I've already completed this game 3 times right up to the end credits after helping Strelok and Degtyarev . Each play time i'm reducing more unwanted add-ons further improving load times and performance. I'm already down to under 260 add-ons with very little crashes. However, there is always one task that I can never complete is the "Concrete Tomb" task. How do I complete this task? Where does it start? Any help would be greatly appreciated from anyone here . Overall, I'm very pleased with Anomaly Custom as it showed me many add-ons that I would never have tried and have now gotten to like them. This really showed me a lot.
  3. There should be nothing negative to ever say about this project. If this gets perfected and released, it will be the best release than any mod in my opinion. Any mod that stems from this will be great! I wish the best of luck to the people working on this.
  4. I'm really surprised by the impatient people on this forum. I would expect this behavior at moddb For something that is free and is trying to be perfected, one should be very VERY patient. I'm sure they are just as anxious to put this out and to read our enjoyment of their work than we are to play it. We just need to understand this. Patience is a virtue.
  5. Skilldex, On your next update, can you provide an MO2 profile of a (no limb)BHS that excludes all weapons? I would only like to choose what I would like. For me personally, I would only like BaS only. All the other weapons are just fillers for me that never gets used. It feels unnecessary to have this stuff loaded every time. I've been trying to remove as many of the unused weapons but occasionally I get mixed crashes here and there. I guess some weapons are linked to other addons?
  6. What we need is a very true 64bit OpenXray engine. Visually the trailer does not show much that we already have. What are the new combat and added features? Unless i'm not seeing something here?
  7. I hope "Expedition" would be applied to this. I wonder if the maps used in True Stalker can be added into Anomaly.
  8. Boss, do you mean through your gif link? What exactly am I supposed to look at? I am not quite sure what you mean.
  9. I have never seen any rainbows yet in this mod....
  10. I have already completed the whole game right up to the end credits. This is a great masterpiece compilation from everyone that has created each and every addon compiled into this. Skilldex has done a great job putting all this together. I'm now on my second full playthrough after trying to remove more addons to help better the FPS on my end. I'm now down to 350 addons. Looking forward to the next full updated release. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this!
  11. I have gotten this a few times. Was easier for me to restart from a save before entering the level and re-enter the level again.
  12. Hold on buddy......all translations has to be done upon release
  13. What add-on is used to make the radio music sound slow and normal? It makes the radio sound broken. Very annoying.
  14. Speaking of Tarkov, surprised nobody has ported Stalker to Unity. Would be sweet!