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  1. @Pastalker56 Nice list but some of those changes aren't very "vanilla friendly" for what this fan patch tries to keep though I do like the idea of camp fires being lit only when NPCs are nearby, along with some other things you mentioned 🙂 I remembered something, why does Mole (and now his entire group with the latest version) has to vanish from the game once you level change? He's not that important as a character and he has a unique pistol that vanishes with him. I'd rather have him and his group move to the Agroprom complex where Loners gather. Speaking of the Agroprom complex, I don't see why soldiers keep spawning there, I think 1/2 (sometimes 3) bloodsuckers and bandit attacks are enough for the Loners, the soldiers are overkill 😁
  2. Another thing I noticed in the final section of the CNPP is that the low grounds of the level aren't irradiated like in vanilla and you can simply wonder about, even see parts of building with missing textures that you weren't supposed to see. For me even a few NPCs were there but that could be because of the modified distance switch 🤔
  3. That too, you can also jump from the 1st floor of the Merc building to the crane and then straight into the Loner camp This was the opening I was mentioning 😉
  4. @Konstantin.PostalTo the right of the green trailer (as you see in the screenshot attached) is a small opening in which you can squeeze if low-crouching. That way you can get in the camp 😉
  5. Just finished a full v14 playthrough and I loved it. Didn't have any major issues (most were only caused by me playing with a higher NPC distance switch). Definitely my "to-go" patch if I want to play vanilla SoC from now on and will recommend it to others 😀 . That's pretty much it, can't wait to try out the future versions 👍
  6. I noticed that after lab x-18, a pack of blind dogs spawn in Fox's building. Strange thing is that the when viewed from a distance they stay in place but the walking animation plays instead of the sitting one. If you go near them and they aggro you, they can't leave the building and attack you, like they're entire gulag is that one building. mihai_quicksave.7z
  7. I was always wondering, would it be possible to have the online / offline switch distance for NPCs increased, at least in certain areas? For example in Cordon, every time you see either bandits or loners attack each other, it would reset their position if you go too far from the area (going back to the rookie village is enough for the reset to happen).
  8. @Stern-13Alright, I made it to work by using the "bin for Steam" and extracting the XDB content, changing the language in localization.ltx and removing the ui_repair.xml string from it 😀 Lots of missing strings on my end but at least it works and I'm hopeful that a translation will be worked on, maybe after the final version of the patch, eh 😉
  9. Yep but I get a BugTrap error with no log I'm using the retail 1.0000 WW version patched to 1.0006, simply extracting (and replacing files) the bin, mods and fsgame.ltx into the main folder. 🙂
  10. Will there be a release for the WW / English version of the game or would that be too much of a hassle for the dev to port it from the RU version?
  11. Yep, I made the amateurish mistake to forget to install the Russian language pack for Win10, the first 2 errors were because it couldn't access something because it was gibberish text, the 3rd error showing after installing the language pack and trying to load the save. I reinstalled the mod and started a fresh playthrough and everything works great as before ?
  12. @RayTwittyDid you know you can go early to Dead City from Yantar and wonder the level without the bandits and mercs attacking the player? What's even funnier is that if you go to the merc base, open the cell on the second floor and go inside, one of the mercs will close it and will get me stuck in there forever ?