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  1. Thanks! This solved my problem with both "invalid key" on reload save and "sleep_pointer" when trying to sleep errors!
  2. Yep, I made the amateurish mistake to forget to install the Russian language pack for Win10, the first 2 errors were because it couldn't access something because it was gibberish text, the 3rd error showing after installing the language pack and trying to load the save. I reinstalled the mod and started a fresh playthrough and everything works great as before
  3. @RayTwittyDid you know you can go early to Dead City from Yantar and wonder the level without the bandits and mercs attacking the player? What's even funnier is that if you go to the merc base, open the cell on the second floor and go inside, one of the mercs will close it and will get me stuck in there forever
  4. I was wondering since it's been bothering me through the entire playthrough, why is the night vision for both 1st gen and 2nd gen worse than it is in vanilla SoC? There is no real benefit of using them but the funny thing is, if you bring out the binoculars or look through scopes, it's actually better I've also noticed that even in pitch black, enemies can detect me (see me and hear me) sneaking from a greater distance so the new visibility mechanic ported from builds like 2571 from the looks of it isn't very useful... Not sure if this is also a vanilla issue with SoC or it's mod related. Got used to how sneaking works in SoC with the ZRP
  5. Another constant crash is in Wild Territory. Happens right when a bloodsucker gets hold of me and then punches me away FATAL ERROR [error]Expression : assertion failed [error]Function : CInventory::Take [error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xr_3da\xrGame\Inventory.cpp [error]Line : 127 [error]Description : CanTakeItem(pIItem) No stack trace. Didn't get any crashes in other levels when the bloodsucker got me it's grasp. Sorry if I'm bothering with all my problems
  6. Haven't played SoC without the ZRP in years but shouldn't the soldiers at the level changers and helicopter in the Dark Valley despawn after you leave the map and hand the lab documents to Sid / Barman? I returned to the Dark Valley after completing the quest and they are still there, especially the helicopter that's firing rockets. Is this intended? Even tried to make a run for the rocket launcher at the monolith base and a couple of soldiers spawned there also even though I killed all of them after exited the lab. In SoC + ZRP the only soldiers that exist after finishing the quest are the ones at the bandit base, having a firefight with the respawned bandits
  7. Thanks for the suggestion @Hunter! I simply cleared the camp by going gun blazing as fast as possible. The crash would occur if I'd kill one of the mercs silently, not giving my position away, and waiting while the rest of the mercs did their "alerted state" search.
  8. I'm experiencing a constant crash at the merc camp in the military warehousesmilitary FATAL ERROR [error]Expression : ai().level_graph().valid_vertex_id(vertex->data().level_vertex_id()) [error]Function : CPatrolPathManager::select_point [error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xr_3da\xrGame\patrol_path_manager.cpp [error]Line : 164 [error]Description : patrol path[mil_mercs_walker_3_walk], point on path [name07],object [cit_killer_respawn_238915] stack trace: Scheduler tried to update object cit_killer_respawn_238915 It's not the first time I cleared that place out and didn't have any issues, just now