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  1. 4udik Merci pour votre suggestion. Je n'utilise pas google mais "DeepL" qui donne de bien meilleurs résultats. Je vous contacterai en cas de difficultés. Je traduis sur ce forum russe => anglais car cela a été demandé par les administrateurs. Je remercie également les personnes de ce forum qui m'aident et me soutiennent. J'ai fini le jeu et la traduction est "bonne" et compréhensible à jouer. Je vais passer à un autre mod ! Maybe Dark Path
  2. 4udik Thanks I have revised the translation which was wrong and it works. Thanks
  3. Hello How long do we have to wait for the voronin mission - to take guard against the mutants -? I've been walking around in circles for 7 hours! Thanks
  4. Hello I have started to translate the game but I have a problem, already encountered on another game but never solved: I can't translate the : gamedata/config/gameplay gamedata/config/ui because it causes a windows return. Is the modification blocked by an anti-cheat system? If this is the case then no translation of the games coded in this way will be done. Thanks for your advice.
  5. AubedA I've redone everything (game and vcredist) and it's functional Thanks
  6. I am dead Hello I get an error log when I want to access the parameters in the game FATAL ERROR [error]Expression : xml_doc.NavigateToNode(path, index) [error]Function : CUIXmlInit::InitStatic [error]File : C:\Users\User\Documents\GitHub\OGSR_Engine_private\ogsr_engine\xrGame\ui\UIXmlInit.cpp [error]Line : 175 [error]Description : XML node not found [error]Arguments : video_adv:cap_r2_mask log : https://disk.yandex.com/d/YJDDoFL9twfdOw Thanks
  7. Lord Gallo Hello I am neither a Russian nor an English speaker, but with patience and the use of appropriate software I can do it. => https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/921 winmerge, notepad++, Beyond Compare, etc. DeepL for the translation (it's the best in my opinion) On "moddb" => https://www.moddb.com/mods/secret-trails-2-english-repack You have to adapt it to this version and use it to check that your translation is correct. I was also waiting for "others" now I do => https://stalker-forever.1fr1.net/forum
  8. Hello New start not required. On the current game I lost my "anti-gravity".
  9. I am dead https://disk.yandex.com/i/gIzAwhXVXGqb6A Hello PDA or gun? The monolith does not exchange them.
  10. _professeur_Sakharov_ Ah !! D'ACCORD!! Je n'avais pas encore décompressé les fichiers de la version FOTOGRAF by 4udik 2022. Désolé j'ai été trop rapide à demander ! Je ne connaissais que la version d'origine mal traduite. merci un lien pour un forum pour cette version 4audik
  11. _professor_Sakharov_ Hello How to use : дополнение диалога Ирокеза => gamedata/config/text/rus/stable_dialogs_foto2 which original file does this replace? or is it a new one? will it be taken into account in the reading, is not listed in "localization". I am considering translating your work thanks