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    NLC 7, F.O.T.O.G.R.A.F., Last Stalker, Fallen Star, Oblivion Lost Remake 2.5, OP-2.1

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  1. Static lighting in 2020 is very unusual. Build aesthetics are great, but even OLR has dynamic lighting.
  2. Hello Jekan, we at the C-Consciousness discord server are still working on that English translation for Goldsphere. Thank you again for the help and good luck with your projects.)

    1. Little Frenchman

      Little Frenchman

      Well, hello and good luck to you too!

  3. Jekan's mods are always full of soul and creativity. The "battle royale" mode from Survivor was very enjoyable, if not a little strange.
  4. Congrats on the launch. The new design is great, though I still miss large square avatars.
  5. I can't believe the author isn't overwhelmed with work with all the modifications he's working on. Good luck to him, and a reminder to take it slow and steady as to not burn yourself out.
  6. This trailer was beautiful to me, despite what the cynical and pessimistic crowd of gamers say about it. My expectations aren't set too high, but I'm extremely happy to even see a trailer. The English community is on fire right now, and moderating my discord is a pain.) The updated soundtrack and wallpapers on the website are quite nice too, I've made one of the art pieces my new desktop wallpaper.
  7. Ask Decane to make his own thread on Sky Reclamation Project, so those looking for it in it's purest form can easily find it. Even in the west, SRP is inconvenient because the latest version is available on GitHub and not somewhere as accessible as moddb.
  8. Thank you for the subscription.)

    I am an English speaker, so I am curious why choose to subscribe to me? Regardless, thank you and keep up the great work you do here and for LR 1.0. :classic_biggrin:

    1. _professor_Sakharov_


      Since I am a moderator, I subscribe to almost all users, since there is such a function here. Not for a subscription. On the contrary, thank you. I hope you understand my english :classic_rolleyes:

    2. stalkervoir


      That makes sense, thanks for the explanation.
      Also your English is quite good, I understood it perfectly. :classic_happy:

  9. Hi)

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    2. Hunter


      Are you really girl?

    3. stalkervoir


      I wouldn't select "woman" if I didn't believe I was a woman.)
      Doesn't matter regardless, I'm here for STALKER.

    4. Hunter


      Ok, i understood.

  10. I was told English speakers are welcome on this site. I did not want to disrespect anyone by writing in broken and incomprehensible Russian. Но если вы настаиваете, я буду дополнять свои сообщения ответами, переведенными машинным переводом. Довольно иронично, что ты жалуешься на общество, а потом реагируешь так грубо.)
  11. Why does it matter? Let them say what they want, it doesn't stop you or I from enjoying those mods or discussing it.
  12. Even Google, Yandex, or DeepL's translate is better than having no translation at all. Hopefully in the future there will be people who may participate or assist with a translation though, thank you for the reply!
  13. Those screenshots look fantastic, though reading some of the changes has me concerned. Dog leaping in specific is a very annoying mechanic that just makes fighting dogs annoying and unfun. Is there any possibility of an English localization in the future?