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  1. Lots of crashes with no error log in the database. Is this normal? I'm having trouble with this mission
  2. I'm in too much of a hurry, I didn't check the jerrycan... That's my problem, I have to reread everything in the game, it takes time and I let details slip. For the armour repair, I'd mistranslated an element. Thanks
  3. No, I don't think so. https://disk.yandex.com/i/N0h6a2DfU6ChFg Or maybe another car, but I haven't found anything else.
  4. Hello In the suburbs of Chernobyl, in the garages, the discovery of the candle is not valid. I've redone the route several times with all the NPCs but nothing happens. Is there a solution?
  5. Little Frenchman Of course ! I wanted to give it a try to see if I could get both for the same price. lol
  6. Little Frenchman For the Beryl 5M I tested the 2 consumables: improvement yes repair no As for the weapons: upgrade no repair
  7. Hello For the "adventure" mod, where can I find packs to repair armour? I've only seen upgrades. Thanks
  8. I played the moment in the original and saw a 'message' which I then searched for and bingo! The colour tags were badly defined! Thanks
  9. Little Frenchman where are these lines : turn off the changed lines (descriptions) I understand action, which I use a lot, but I don't understand where to look. There are no colour tags in the text file.
  10. Little Frenchman they are the same Otherwise in gamedata/configs/ui? but how do I find it?
  11. 4udik Of course, but my lack of education (I left school at 15 ) means I can't understand everything. That doesn't solve my crash problem.
  12. I read you, I didn't understand everything -of course- so please Мне нужен парацетамол... ... and just play "STALKER"