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  1. @RayTwittyDid you know you can go early to Dead City from Yantar and wonder the level without the bandits and mercs attacking the player? What's even funnier is that if you go to the merc base, open the cell on the second floor and go inside, one of the mercs will close it and will get me stuck in there forever
  2. EvilGeniusRo Hi American! You can try to shoot down a helicopter using small arms. Shoot the tail. You will definitely get it, I am not in a shame! )) Дополнено 1 минуту спустя EvilGeniusRo Catch the plus to your reputation Дополнено 4 минуты спустя EvilGeniusRo thank you, kind American! you know it’s bad that you weren’t born Russian, we would have moved mountains together ))
  3. mechanicus It's only game, why you heff to be mad?
  4. Hello, sorry that i'm speaking english not good russian talker... Are you going to add 3D scopes and Make new weapon animations slightly better? And i'm hoping that you are going to fix some bugged scope attachments. Thank you very much for your work. Finnaly i could try play NLC 7 with russian language too. I could understand a bit, translate helps me. Good hunting stalker!
  5. Moustapha_Matushka Well, you probably already heard, dez0wave trying to revive this version of stalker 2, they are using leaked XRAY2 engine build as a base for their "mod" Stalker 2 Old Concept
  6. EvilGeniusRo You're doing the right thing! Inform the developer of the modification about the existing problem, for its further solution. Simple players can't tell you much. The author is the head of everything Дополнено 2 минуты спустя EvilGeniusRo How is the weather in America? We are warm, sometimes it rains.
  7. 30 you a fool for this one Gu-Gucci flip flops, f**k it, hit your b*tch in my socks
    This a big watch, diamond drippin’ off of the clock
    Pull the 6 out, wintertime, droppin’ the top

  8. Это все особенности оригинальной игры. These are all the "features" of the vanilla game Для изменения этого нужно менять геометрию уровня. А радиус перехода вроде бы итак меньше чем оригинальные даже. Если их заспавнить через спавн по нормальному (сейчас через скрипт), то можно более тонко настроить зону, сейчас там просто сфера. To change this, you need to change the geometry of the level. And the radius of level changer is actually less than the vanilla ones. If you create them through the all.spawn (now through a script), you can fine-tune the zone, now there is just a sphere.
  9. KinoGroup Hi there. Thank you for your message. I do not plan to add 3D scopes, the animations will also remain unchanged. Bugged scope attachmens will be fixed, of course. Thanks for playing my mod, we are always glad to see you here))
  10. EvilGeniusRo I certainly do not speak English, but if this is the case, then hello, Comrade American! Дополнено 3 минуты спустя I am very happy that my friends from America play such a game as stalker. If you are a member of this site, then consider everyone here your own Дополнено 7 минуты спустя EvilGeniusRo Comrade, if you need help, please contact us immediately! Over a glass of cognac we will discuss everything that comes to mind))
  11. I was wondering since it's been bothering me through the entire playthrough, why is the night vision for both 1st gen and 2nd gen worse than it is in vanilla SoC? There is no real benefit of using them but the funny thing is, if you bring out the binoculars or look through scopes, it's actually better I've also noticed that even in pitch black, enemies can detect me (see me and hear me) sneaking from a greater distance so the new visibility mechanic ported from builds like 2571 from the looks of it isn't very useful... Not sure if this is also a vanilla issue with SoC or it's mod related. Got used to how sneaking works in SoC with the ZRP
  12. Wow! Responsible work. Then report on the results, it's still interesting to see Дополнено 2 минуты спустя Oops... That's a twist,and then who is by nationality? Дополнено 3 минуты спустя EvilGeniusRo Then I'm sorry. It's just that you have an excellent command of the American language
  13. KinoGroup Did you install the last patch from 20.05? The patch fixes this error.
  14. Haven't played SoC without the ZRP in years but shouldn't the soldiers at the level changers and helicopter in the Dark Valley despawn after you leave the map and hand the lab documents to Sid / Barman? I returned to the Dark Valley after completing the quest and they are still there, especially the helicopter that's firing rockets. Is this intended? Even tried to make a run for the rocket launcher at the monolith base and a couple of soldiers spawned there also even though I killed all of them after exited the lab. In SoC + ZRP the only soldiers that exist after finishing the quest are the ones at the bandit base, having a firefight with the respawned bandits
  15. Love the mod so far, playing it on the GOG version of the game with a fan translation, don't know Russian... Reached the Bar though I still didn't accept Sid's "steal military case" from the Agroprom but did the underground part for Strelok's flash drive. Loving it. It's pretty much what i wanted SoC to be and 100% sure I'll be using the mod whenever I want to replay it though there are a few things that I would like to be fixed in the future versions, mostly bugs that are in vanilla SoC: - NPCs die in campfires (poor Bes ) - map locations (circles) on the PDA map disappear after reload / restart game - probably other fixes included in the ZRP - On the Agroprom, the new level changers to the underground trigger a bit too far from the entrances, also wouldn't it be possible to port / change the level so that the entrances aren't blocked - use combat music from Stalker games instead from other games in the Arena, I heard music from Hitman: Blood Money in the first fight - an English translation but that's up to you Good luck with future version releases!
  16. Cмешной мод, причём улыбка на лице появляется уже в главном меню, когда вы слышите музыку из какого то аниме оупенинга Сюжет полнейшая бредятина, вроде бы диалоги написаны неплохо, пускай и с кучей ошибок, но то тут то там выскакивают странные реплики на тему кекса, if you know what i mean Каждый раз смеялся с выбора действий, после которого мгновенно появлялись титры С концовки проорал в голосину, всю игру она молчала, но для одной глупой строчки диалога автор попросил, то ли свою девушку то ли знакомую озвучить ОДНУ строчку диалога Прости Клим не могу поставить данному моду высокой оценки, но видно что ты шаришь в мод мейкинге, те же квесты вполне себе неплохие и атмосферные. Тебе нужно влиться в какую то команду либо сколотить свою и делать более серьёзные вещи, потенциал в принципе есть. ПСС: Спасибо за телепорты после диалогов, хоть кто то не затягивает свои короткометражки бессмысленной беготнёй.
  17. Thank you for the subscription.)

    I am an English speaker, so I am curious why choose to subscribe to me? Regardless, thank you and keep up the great work you do here and for LR 1.0. :classic_biggrin:

    1. _professor_Sakharov_


      Since I am a moderator, I subscribe to almost all users, since there is such a function here. Not for a subscription. On the contrary, thank you. I hope you understand my english :classic_rolleyes:

    2. stalkervoir


      That makes sense, thanks for the explanation.
      Also your English is quite good, I understood it perfectly. :classic_happy:

  18. he addon you are trying to view (4K/8K Anomaly WEAPONS textures, for 1.5 F/b and U4H8 - AI_Upscaled_ALL_Anomaly_weapons_scopes_attachments_knivesaxesgrenades.rar) uploaded by bmblbx176 has been deleted and is no longer available. This may have occurred at the uploaders request, or it may have occurred because it violated the sites Terms of Use. If this is a mistake and you are the uploader of this addon and would like it re-activated, please contact us with the details. We recommend you return to the download list and browse the links from there.
  19. floozy you know me?

  20. Yes it will!! You can check it on moddb, author said that he is making english translate too!! :)))
  21. gromila_63 “Looks like the Bandits found you out haha! While you are there, go and find us more interesting information. If it has a password then look around for any bodies and check their PDA's, you might get lucky. To get in you need a code - "5271". Oh and try not to screw it up! - Veles to player upon finding the Bandits' documents” вот сообщение